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My name is Essi and I’m the owner of this fanlisting. To make an incredibly long and boring story short, I’m a 32-year-old girl from Finland. I’m a Bachelor of Culture and Arts who currently works in the field of media.

What’s so great about Daniel Craig?

Daniel is a great character actor who reveals a different side of himself in every role. His slightly rugged looks, cold-eyed menace, raw charisma and calm sexuality further make him a magnetic, commanding and powerful actor. The Trench director William Boyd makes a valid point by saying that Daniel has “an amazing ability to express emotion of the most poignant kind as well as the most vehement kind.”

I also agree with Roger Michell, the director of The Mother and Enduring Love, who says: “As an actor, he [Daniel] carries around an odd paradox. You lift him up to the light, and he’s this charming, easygoing, friendly guy, and then you tilt the light a little and you see this mad, psychopathic, very scary person. It’s the tension between those two prisms that’s interesting.”

I respect Daniel for the fact that he chooses interesting and unusual parts, and it’s apparent from his performances that he thrives on that edge. I’m also very impressed with his performance as James Bond — he gives Bond enough captivating psychological flaws to compete with modern icons such as Jack Bauer.

Some of my all time favourite movies are Daniel’s Layer Cake, Casino Royale, Skyfall and Road to Perdition. In addition, he does an exceptional job in films like The Mother, Enduring Love, Sylvia, Archangel, Sword of Honour, Munich, Quantum of Solace and Defiance.

What is more, Daniel comes across as an intriguing, sweet, modest, bright, funny and sympathetic person.